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Announcing the release of Navigator v13

As you will have read from the Press Release sent out on the 4th November 2020 we are preparing for the release of v13 Navigator. Here are some salient facts about this upgrade.

We will begin shipping the newest Navigator release on November 23rd. Version 13 brings several improvements to the RIP, including enhanced control over color separation rendering, a marked increase in throughput speed, and control for PDF Processing Steps where technical separations are involved.

End users of Harlequin RIPs from ECRM, RTI-RIPs, Compose, Presstek-Mark Andy, SCREEN, and most other brands can now upgrade directly to the Xitron Navigator RIP from Xitron without having to repurchase options such as trapping or CIP3.

Upgrading customers directly to Navigator 13 changing out hardware and moving to the 64-bit Windows 10 platform, while still being able to use an existing output device maximizes these users’ investments in both software and hardware,